New Lightweight Self-Defense Tool
Low Cost Way To Defend Yourself
Against Lowlife Criminal Scum!

Bill Heid
Thomson, Illinois

Dear Friend,

One of the main pieces of emergency gear you should have in your car is a high-quality flashlight.

But, like Brian says in the video above, "High-quality flashlights are a dime a dozen."

However, what if your high-quality flashlight also served as personal self-defense device?  Well now it can.  Introducing...

My Personal Defender

This is a new product here at Powerful Living and everyone who sees it wants one immediately. 

Here's why:

  • My Personal Defender provides 3 levels of light.  High, low and a flashing strobe to temporarily disorient and blind an attacker.  (This setting is perfect to either create time to get away... or... to give you a time window to disable the perpetrator.  Similar, military-grade light weapons are being used in war and riot control around the world right now... with great results.)
  • In a split-second, My Personal Defender telescopes to over a foot and locks in with a short turn of the wrist!  (This action — due to the sound it makes — may be enough of a deterrent to ward off most would-be attackers. It's similar to the sound of pumping a shell into the chamber of a shotgun.  It's quieter... but... in any case, they'll know you mean business.)
  • Unlike many other flashlights that double as self-defense weapons, My Personal Defender is much more compact and extremely lightweight... yet still... a brutally-effective striking weapon due to the extremely hard alloy metal it's made of.  (This makes it perfect for women who may have a hard time wielding something as heavy and bulky as a Maglite.)
  • There are far less legal ramifications when My Personal Defender is used as a self-defense weapon versus a gun.  (With today's gun laws in such precarious conditions, it's good to have an alternative you can safely and legally carry.)
  • My Personal Defender is powered by 3 AAA batteries with a working time of 5-6 hours on high and 20 hours on low.  That makes it great for any power outage situation... and... it comes with a key chain clip to ensure defense is never far away.
  • My Personal Defender makes a great gift for loved ones on the go. 
  • Unlike police batons — which can easily cost over one hundred dollars — My Personal Defender is relatively inexpensive.

Listen: Just a small mention of My Personal Defender on our website has created a flood of orders and our supplies are already running low.  If you want My Personal Defender immediately — like all my employees who've seen it — you'll have to hurry. 

Order today, now, and I can guarantee you'll receive one.  If you order after today, you may have to wait 2-3 weeks until a new shipment comes in.  Seriously, if you put this off for even a day or two we may already be out of stock.

In any case, by now I'm sure you are wondering how much the My Personal Defender costs. 

lighted nightstick - My Personal Defender

Here's The Deal:

The retail price of My Personal Defender is $50.00.  However, as a special introductory offer, you can get My Personal Defender at...

More Than Half-Off
For A Limited Time
 Just $24.95

No limit on how many you can order at half-off... but remember... if you order after today, you may have to wait an additional 2-3 weeks until a new shipment arrives.

And just to ease your mind, I also want you to know that I am shouldering all the risk until you actually try out My Personal Defender and see for yourself just how good it really is... with our...

90-Day "Guaranteed Tough"
100% Money Back Warranty!

Here's How It Works: Try out My Personal Defender under any conditions.  If it fails to perform as I've described here... or... it breaks or malfunctions in any way, just return it to my office within 90 days and you'll receive a prompt refund of your full purchase price (less shipping and handling).  No hassles.  No questions asked.

But that's not all I am going to do!  If you are one of the first 50 people to order today, I'm also going to include the instantly downloadable digital version of one of our most popular books, titled...

Practical Self-Defense Techniques Thieves
And Other Lowlife Criminal Scum Don't
Want You To Know About!

Predator Proof e-book free with My Personal Defender purchase

You'll have this book within a few minutes of completing your order (online or by telephone). 

Inside the book you'll discover practical, easy-to-learn and apply self-defense techniques based on the work of John Ames. John's background as a self-defense and martial arts instructor includes training and experience in a variety of martial arts, such as: American Kickboxing, Ketsugo Jujitsu, Kung Fu and Tuite.

He has also worked with numerous police departments, the FBI, and the ATF... and... as a cinematographer for several real-life crime series on The Discovery Channel — "The Bureau" "New Detectives," "FBI Files," and "The Prosecutors."

His experience on these programs has provided him with opportunities to interview lead investigators, as well as victims and their families, giving him a keener insight into the devious mindset and behavior of criminals... and...

How To Deter...
And If Necessary...
Defeat Them!

Predator Proof is a $19.97 value and it yours to keep... even if... you decide to return My Personal Defender for a full refund.  It's my way of saying thanks for giving it a try. 

Fair enough?  If so...


For Fastest Service: Click the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom of this page, and it will take you to our 24-hour secure online order form.

For Fast Service: Have your credit card ready and call the Priority Order Hotline and tell one of my friendly staff members you want to order My Personal Defender.  They'll take care of the rest.  The number to call is...

(Priority Order Hotline)

Powerful Living, Inc.
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2200 Illinois Rt. 84
P.O. Box 361
Thomson, IL  61285

Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to: Powerful Living

Bill Heid signature
Bill Heid, President
Powerful Living, Inc.

P.S.  This special, more than half-off introductory offer on My Personal Defender is only good until we run out of our first shipment.  After that, we plan to charge the full retail price of $50.00.  Also, remember that our supply of My Personal Defender units is pretty slim.  That means you need to order today, now, to ensure you'll receive one promptly.  Otherwise, you may have to wait a few weeks until the next shipment arrives. 

P.P.S.  And don't forget, if you are one of the first 50 people to order today, I'm also going to include — absolutely free — the instantly downloadable digital version of one of our most popular books titled, Predator Proof.  It's a $19.97 value and it yours to keep... even if... you decide to return My Personal Defender for a full refund.  It's my way of saying thanks for giving it a try.  Order now!


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Technical Specifications

  • Battery :1pc "3.7V/2200mAh" 18650 Li-ion battery or 3pcs 1.5V "AAA" size battery(not included)
  • THREE different Light Settings: High, Low, Flash
  • Telescopes to over one foot long
  • Key chain clip ensures defense is never far away
  • Brightness/Output Power: 120 Lumens
  • Working time:
    5-6hrs for High brightness
    20hrs for Low brightness